“A religion that is pure and stainless according to God the Father is this: to take care of orphans and widows who are suffering and to keep oneself unstained by the world.”
James 1:27

West Bengal Vision Development Conference

West Bengal Vision Development Conference is the first program IFCN organized in Kolkata during April 16-18, 2018. It’s a unique conference focusing on vision development. Out of 105 registrations 90 participants arrived in time to start the conference in time as announced. Program started with lively music and worship. Special welcome was given to the guest speakers. 12 facilitators (above below) were also welcomed with rose flower. A special musical dance with worship song was performed by the youth.

Facilitators (from left): 1. Tushar Manna (Kolkata) 2. Subrata Gayen (Haldia) 3. Alok Arick (Kharagpur, West Medinipur) 4. Rev. Dr. Dhananjoy Bose (Balasore) 5. Yudhisthir Bera (Hooghly) 6. Kollol Shee (Haldia, East Medinipur) 7. Saroj Roy (Kochbihar) 8. Mursad Ali Mondal (Mursidabad) 9. Biplab Sarkar (Jalpaiguri) 10. Maniklal Sarkar (Malda) 11. Menoka Manna (Kolkata, South Dinajpur) 12. Shalini Arick (Kharagpur)

Two sessions on the first day (April 16) morning made such an impact that everyone felt it is not ‘another conference’ they are attending. These two sessions on Leadership Development and Vision Development were so moving and challenging that transformation started to take place in individual’s lives including the facilitators and other leaders. Few those who thought they may not attend all the sessions or may not be here for three days, they changed their mind to receive more blessings though all the sessions. Atmosphere of fellowship, friendship and relationship building, connecting with each other, listening and encouraging each other, praying for each other started without announcing these things from the pulpit.

Manik Corea from NAMS Thailand took 4 sessions: Discipleship from the Inside Out, Leadership from the Bottom Up, Mission from the Margins to the Centre and Family- the epicenter of transformation in our communities. Rev. Dr. Dhananjoy Bose spoke on “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18 KJV). Another speaker spoke on ministry, discipleship and transformation. It was a great opportunity for all the participants to hear the word of God from his servants. Participants were so attentive and they learnt everything with much interest. They came to every session in advance even after lunch break.

All sessions stated in time and finished in time all three days. So well planned! Praise God. Everyone paid registration fees including the facilitators and worship team members. A colorful conference booklet and a bag were given to all the participants. Facilitators looked after everything so efficiently on food, accommodation, registration, and travel etc.

We must mention two special sessions: i) Vision Development by Tushar Manna and ii) Community Health Education (CHE) by Prabhat Narjinary. Since the organizers have given the name “West Bengal Vision Development Conference” and asked Tushar to take the session on Vision Development on the first day, he had no choice but to make my presentation documented in writing both in English and Bengali in the conference booklet so that the participants will have the priviledge to read and read again what is vision development that we are talking about. It’s fascinating to think ministry with vision development. What is taught in two days he had to make a gist for one hour. This topic is given by God to IFCN. This is the base and focus of this conference.

Secondly, session on CHE by Prabhat, first time some people heard about CHE. God – Human – Creation and things in between, two hours session, all eyes were fixed on the stage what is CHE. CHE is a good model for integrating evangelism, discipleship and community transformation. CHE is a multifaceted approach that addresses the needs of the whole person- physical, spiritual, emotional, and social. CHE ministry is one of the best and effective approaches in India. Unfortunately, very few in West Bengal are aware of CHE. IFCN strongly feel for CHE training and CHE ministry in West Bengal. Soon we will have CHE training and many wants to attend.

Since its formation last year IFCN have 120 official members. During the conference all the 90 participants also became official member of IFCN by filling the membership application and giving membership fees. All the new members were given a New Year Diary as a gift. All are happy to be a part of IFCN. Praise God for this network.

Worship Team kept us alive during the session breaks. Musical dance with Christian songs was entertaining too. Closing session on the third day was very emotional - praising, weeping, and ‘all to Jesus I surrender’- Not “I” but “CHRIST”.

It was indeed a grand success for Indigenous Followers of Christ Network to organize the West Bengal Vision Development Conference for mission workers, pastors and leaders. Our purpose was fulfilled in terms of connecting the participants with each other, relationship building, leadership development, ministry development, church growth & development, and vision development. This is the first conference in West Bengal where all the participants differently experienced the meaningful time together focusing on Vision Development. There is so much enthusiasm to sharpen the call and vision for the kingdom of God. They are truly encouraged and united in the Spirit of the Lord to work together for God's glory. IFCN is a new network and it's a great blessing to many. We are happy that our team consisting 12 facilitators organized this conference so efficiently and everything was well planned and went so smoothly. All are happy. Pray that each participant will have more faith to trust God that He provides everything if we are genuinely motivated by His vision and mission. Praise God for all provision for the conference. In vision development, vision is the first, money is the last. Many cannot think this way. IFCN thinks this way. All glory to God.

Feedback from Participants

“In my 20 years of ministry life I attended many conferences but this is unique and most impressive. Together with my two members we learnt that we have to be ready and willing to learn all the time and do even small vision faithfully.” (Victor Roychowdhury)

“I am inspired and happy. All other conferences I attended, this is totally different. Here I learnt how one can develop vision and do the ministry accordingly, or do better in the ministry even he/she is an ordinary believer.” (Mursad Ali Mondal)

“God touched my life and blessed me abundantly through all the speakers. Sessions on vision development, leadership development, and ministry were challenging. I am happy to part of this conference, so well planned from beginning to the end, exciting.” (Shibani Das)

“I had the great opportunity to clear my vision.” (Sudip Kumar Misra)

“Vision is not a dream while sleeping but a dream while I am awake, to know and obey doing God’s will.” (Susmita Samanta)

“I learnt to walk closer with God. He showed me the new way through this conference. I am encouraged, revived to reach out to the children and women in a specific way.” (Mallika Latua)

“I had some confusion about my vision and mission, now it is clear. Writing vision document in a organized way is difficult but it is important. I am reminded commitment, consistency, faithfulness is more important than money.” (Masang Saren)

“I attended many conferences but vision development conference for the first time. Servanthood leadership, our family the epicenter of mission and all other sessions touched my life. Without vision we cannot accomplish much.” (Deben Singh)

“I have no words to express how much blessings and benefits I have received through this conference. I am in the ministry for many years but I lost my way somewhere. God restored me through this conference.” (Badal Chandra Saren)

“I was waiting last 4 years to hear Rev. Dr. Dhananjoy Bose, God’s servant. As soon as I came to know he is one of the speakers I immediately decided to come. I am thankful to IFCN to organize this wonderful conference. Time keeping, worship music, food and accommodation were excellent.” (Alok Sengupta)

“It’s a totally different conference where vision and encouragements are given even for small way of doing ministry.” (Tapan Nandi)

Ministry Outcome from West Bengal Vision Development Conference

  • Evangelism and reaching friends, relatives, neighours and unreached
  • To start house churches
  • Leadership training
  • Bible teaching
  • Children education centers
  • Church development
  • Women ministry
  • Youth ministry
  • Children ministry
  • Vocational training
  • Music, song, drama and worship
  • Counseling for women
  • Sunday School
  • Health related programs
  • Helping poor children
  • Pastoral ministry
  • Training for women
  • Creation care and environment
  • Care for the neglected
  • Disciple making
  • Reaching the Muslims
  • House visits
  • Visit sick people
  • Care of old aged
  • Care for orphan children
  • Reaching classmates in college
  • CHE ministry
  • Reaching to the addicted
  • Care for the physically challenged
  • Computer training for rural students
  • Sports evangelism
  • Primary school education
  • Literature distribution
  • Income generation

  • IFCN will organize the following programs in 2018

  • Community Development Education (CHE Training for Master Trainers)
  • Community Development Education (CHE Training for Local Volunteers)
  • Seminar on Child Status Index (CSI) for Children Ministry Workers
  • Leadership Development Training for Young Leaders
  • Leadership Development Seminar for Senior Leaders
  • Seminars for MBBs
  • Training for Women
  • Vision Development Seminars